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Three Horses

I am not what happened to me ...   I am what I
choose to become  

                                                  -Carl Jung


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About the Author

I am retired after many years of working with abused children/youth, as well as owning
and operating other businesses to include the ranch. Widowed in 2011 by the Love of my
Life …. Frank (Boomer) Williams.  I am blessed to be a Mother of three adult children,
Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.  It was not an easy task to get from the south side
of the tracks to where I now am.

God’s plan for me from the beginning was beyond my wildest dreams and imagination

I just knew in my heart, even as a young girl, there was a way of the south side of the tracks and the dirty, disgusting lifestyle I was growing up in with notorious, career criminals. I endured such a horrific childhood full of physical, sexual and mental abuse at the hands of my father. However I decided at a young adult, that the abuse I encountered was not going to define me.
I am eternally grateful for the love of a Christian Mother who tried to protect me as much as she possibly could in an adverse situation and guided me towards a different path in life.


I spent many years volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in hopes of making a difference in the lives of those children(s) who were assigned to me. It was a tremendously rewarding experience, however sad to relive some  of my own childhood memories as I advocated for children/youth in abusive situations.


I would highly recommend to anyone interested in helping a child who finds themselves in the foster care system, to reach out to the CASA Program in your area, volunteer a bit of your time  and Make a Difference in a Child’s Life ……..

I chose to work with abused, abandoned, and neglected children/youth for more than thirty years, mostly due to my own upbringing.


Knowing what I experienced growing up, I felt I could hopefully make a difference in their lives by volunteering in Pinal County Court Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA) and ultimately operating W6 Ranch Counseling Services, LLC, where I continued my work with abused children/youth. I feel as though I did make a significant difference in numerous lives of children/youth. 

I have been affiliated with numerous organizations throughout our County and State, even going to Washington D.C. to advocated on behalf of Pinal County Foster Children/Youth. I am well known, and I would like to think, well respected. Yet I have never told my own story of what my childhood entailed and how I survived it. Although most all who knew me, knew that I was related to these criminals. I often chuckle about the adage They knew all about me and still loved me, which has proven true.

I converted my existing ranch into W6 Ranch Counseling Services, Inc. and continued my work with abused, neglected, and abandoned children/youth through Equine Therapy after leaving the CASA Program, until retirement.

With the help of a friend, Carmen, I originated Pinal Council for CASA/Foster, Inc. (PCCI) many years ago and we built a successful organization that raised funds and met the unmet needs of children/youth in foster care. We initiated programs such as Tutoring Partnership with Sylvan Leaning Center, Central Arizona College Partnership for continued education, annual back to school events, Project Prom, Pack with Pride, and a Christmas Party sponsored by Coolidge/Florences Elks Lodge, a party that most kids only dream about, along with numerous other programs. 

An annual benefit was held each year with Rick D'Amico, Arizona Fox Arizona Channel 10 Anchor, serving as Master of Ceremonies and  Paul Rameriz who is one of the top auctioneers of the country, and held our live auction, both to raise funds for Pinal County foster children/youth. I am eternally grateful to both of these gentlemen.


This organization is still active although I stepped away three years ago due to health issues. Thank God for those who are still actively working to assist children/youth in foster care.

My hopes are that my personal experience will resonate with other people who may be facing similar struggles or in a dysfunctional, or criminal environment and offer assurance that there is a way out. Hard work and determination and faith in Our Heavenly Father. Not only in the Southwestern part of the U.S., where most of their criminal activity took place, but I also believe my book will be a best seller to anyone who has grown up in a similar environment, or even perhaps those who find themselves in a situation where they believe there is no hope or a way out. I would like my book to assure them that there is a way out.

My book is dedicated to my precious Mother, Mary B. Tison

The Book has arrived and is now available for purchase!


Get it Now in Kindle
and Paperback!

God’s plan for her from the beginning was beyond her wildest dreams and imagination

In Lynda Williams' first-ever public discussion of her early life and growing up with career criminals, the worst of it all came in 1978. Her brother, Gary Tison, escaped from Arizona State Prison, and her family had to endure the largest manhunt ever in the southwestern United States. She recounts the fear she faced during those 11 days, an event that spawned two books and a pair of movies. Lynda tells about the abuse she suffered growing up in a family where her father and brothers were routinely in and out of prisons, and how her family name, rather than her character, led to many shunning and ridiculing her.

Lynda also offers a stirring message of hope for survivors like her: That one can overcome adversity by learning to love yourself and faith in God.

Image by Florin Beudean

This is for all the strong people, who have been through a lot in life and survived

I am strong because I know weakness

I am compassionate because I have experienced suffering

I am alive because I am a fighter

I am wise because I've been foolish

I can laugh because I have known sadness

I can love because I've known loss

Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams

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