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Three Horses


March 2, 2021


I am pleased to provide a positive reference of my friendship and knowledge of Ms. Lynda (Tison) Williams, whom I have known since 1979.


I know Lynda to be an extremely caring person, exemplified by her 30 years of service as Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer with the Pinal County Superior Court, Arizona, assisting in guiding at risk children to a loving adoptive forever home.  In addition, I am aware that Lynda built an equine based counseling service for many years at her horse property, again, with the priority of assisting at risk children. 


Lynda's compassion and love of innocent children is the complete opposite of what she experienced as a child who suffered the bad acts of a dysfunctional family.  While I have been associated with Lynda for 40 years, I have never heard her personal story which was overshadowed by the criminality of her family. 


Movies and books have been published attempting to document the "Tison Prison Break" that received international attention due to the pure evil and loss of innocent lives.  I look forward to learning of Lynda's trials and tribulations as a child growing up in such a terrible criminal environment.  I find it impossible to even guess at the pain suffered, and am looking so forward to reading her account.


There are surely lessons to be learned.


John Ellsworth

Presiding Judge of the Casa Grande Justice Court, Arizona

March 10, 2021


To Whom it May Concern:


From Juanita: I consider it an honor to write this letter as a positive reference for Lynda Tison Williams.  Lynda and I are near the same age and I have known her since we were children, having grown up together in Casa Grande, Arizona. I spent a lot of time in her home and hung out with her and her sisters.  Our mothers were best friends so that gave us the opportunity to get to know her family well.

We walked through some very dark days together, so of course, a bond was formed. Joys were shared, as well as heartaches.

I have observed Lynda through the years as she matured and I have seen her rise above some almost impossible circumstances. She had a family reputation and name to live down, but she has done so with impeccable character. 

Instead of becoming bitter, Lynda has used her experiences to help so many less fortunate folks. She is a fighter who learned to be a survivor, all the while maintaining integrity and a strong faith in God.

I look forward to reading the Tison family history from Lynda’s perspective.

From Tony: I haven’t known Lynda as long as Juanita has, but I wholeheartedly concur with her estimation of Lynda. 


Tony W. Blevins

Juanita B. Blevins

Lead Pastors

River of Life Church

5667 E. Golden Hill Road

Globe, Arizona 85501

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