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Three Horses


I am retired after many years of working with abused children/youth. Widowed ten years ago by the Love of my Life …. Frank (Boomer) Williams I am a Mother of three adult children, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. It was not an easy task to get from the southside of the tracks to where I now am and considered successful by today’s standards.


A life of a young girl growing up with abuse in a home where there was ongoing criminal activity. My book, not only a good read, but hopefully inspirational for someone who sees no way out of their current situation. I am living proof that one can bring themselves above this and come out on top.

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The Book has arrived and is now available for purchase!


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God’s plan for her from the beginning was beyond her wildest dreams and imagination

In Lynda Williams' first-ever public discussion of her early life and growing up with career criminals, the worst of it all came in 1978. Her brother, Gary Tison, escaped from Arizona State Prison, and her family had to endure the largest manhunt ever in the southwestern United States. She recounts the fear she faced during those 11 days, an event that spawned two books and a pair of movies. Lynda tells about the abuse she suffered growing up in a family where her father and brothers were routinely in and out of prisons, and how her family name, rather than her character, led to many shunning and ridiculing her.

Lynda also offers a stirring message of hope for survivors like her: That one can overcome adversity by learning to love yourself and faith in God.

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